Monumental Masons Service

H W Mason’s Memorial Department is not merely an agent erecting memorials supplied ready-inscribed by distant companies. We have experienced tradesmen working in our local mason’s yard combining traditional skills with modern technology to create memorials. The monumental mason’s yard, situated in Newport Pagnell has been used by the Mason family for generations.

We are one of a few Funeral Directors that have their own stone masons.

Our fully trained and skilful tradesmen have the skills and experience to undertake repairs to damaged memorials and renovations to existing memorials to restore them to an almost new condition. Inscriptions added to an existing memorial will be carved to match the font used for the first inscription. H W Mason & Sons have the craftsmen to carry out all methods of carving inscriptions.

The advantage to our customers is that you can discuss your ideas with experienced staff who understand the regulations in force at any particular time in all burial grounds and can advise you on what is acceptable.  The work on the memorial is carried out locally so that your wishes can be faithfully reproduced. The mason’s skill can utilise modern technology to reproduce signatures, photographs and individually designed ornamentation – all carried out by craftsmen in our own masons yard.

The H W Mason & Sons’ tradesmen who erect the memorials are trained and qualified and are registered with NRQMF (The National Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers).

For more information please contact our Memorials Department on 01908 617134 to arrange an appointment.

A family owned business established c.1750