Stone Masons

All materials used at H.W. Mason & Sons are chosen for their quality and suitability for our customer’s requirements. The following is a brief explanation of stone types.

Granite - Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Green, Pink, Red/Brown, Brown

The finish to the surface of granite can be full polished or matt non-reflective. The memorial can have either polished or rustic pitched (natural rock-like appearance) edges. Granite will resist weathering on all surfaces which are polished.

Marble - White Limestone (blue/grey veining), Dove (grey)
Marble is from Carrara in Italy and will accept very fine detail for intricate carving. Marble will weather and become mellow and will require cleaning periodically if a mellowed appearance is not what you want. Professional cleaning will restore the marble to a nearly new condition. We say nearly new because some soiling can penetrate the marble and cannot be removed completely.

Portland - English
A creamy white limestone with small fossil marking. Portland stone will also accept fine carving.

Nabresina - Italian
Greyish white limestone with small fossil markings and may have small light orangey markings, which are natural to this material. A hard limestone which will accept carving.

Wessex Buff - American
A buff coloured stone.

Hornton Stone - English
A bronze green ironstone which weathers to a bronze brown colour. Hornton will accept carvings which are not too fine in detail.

Slate - Welsh & Cumbrian
Welsh slate is usually blue/black and is a smooth material to work and capable of accepting finely carved inscriptions and carving. Cumbrian slate is green or black and will also accept finely carved inscriptions and carving.

York Stone - Yorkshire
A sandstone, golden sand in colour. York is a fine stone and will weather and mellow.

A grey sandstone, similar in texture to York stone.

Memorials intended for the churchyard will be accepted, but always subject to the ministers approval, when made in Portland, Nabresina, Wesesex, Hornton, York, Serena or Slate.

Within reason, a memorial can be made in any shape, in any material and ornamented or carved with a very simple or a very elaborate design.

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